A brand new machine on sale.
Experience printing high dense
ceramics in an exceptional way.

Technology that will drive changes in many markets

CIM prototyping

Save the time of initial mould making and testing. Directly print your product in ceramics and allow yourself to make many product design iterations.

high tech components

In no way the printing system is limited to just print prototypes. Print high complex technical parts series production.

investment casting

Direct print the shells for investment casting or print ceramic cores related to the investment casting market.

micro reactors

Work on increased efficiency of microreactors using the extreme design freedom of 3D printing.

medical implants

Printing cellular structures combined with high dense solids, all possible on the ADMAFLEX 130.

medical devices

Ceramics does have extraordinary properties once it comes to a wide range of medical devices. For example blood analyzing equipment or endoscopy parts.

Dental industry

Print dental crowns, copings and bridges directly using high strength zirconia.


Take the ability to print ceramics for your next jewelry design or any other aesthetical application.


Printing functional ceramic components, 100% re-use of excess material through reconditioning system.

Developed using 25 years of ceramic experience of which 4 years in Additive Manufacturing.

Short debinding cycles Product shape stability over cleaning, debinding and sintering.

Most cost effective solution
available in the market today.

Next steps

Admatec is excited to bring the ADMAFLEX 130 to the market. Admatec takes pre-orders right now.

System will be ready for delivery as per September 2016.

Please contact Admatec directly at for detailed price information.